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Shore Lines

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice


Our neighbor's Christmas lights are comforting on this longest night of the year. Tomorrow night will be all of two seconds shorter—not much progress, but we're finally moving in the right direction. I know many people love the fall season, but for me it's a sad spiral into the blahs as the sunset comes earlier every day. If not for the holidays, and our entertaining, winter-resident Bufflehead ducks, this would be a dreadful time of year. I envy the animals who hibernate through it.


Like many people, I will be happy to say goodbye to this unusual year. What started with so much anticipation last January—remember that?—descended into anxiety, sorrow, anger, and ennui. The one bright spot for me was the publication of Eve's Daughters, a novel I'd worked on for years and tried to get published for years. I'm grateful to everyone who's buying it, reading it, and reviewing it. But my happiness is offset by the crazy circumstances this holiday season. My husband and I are staying home instead of being with family we don't get to see often enough in a normal year.


I hope everyone I know will stay safe and healthy through the holiday season. May we all have renewed energy to write as every day gets longer and the sun grows warmer.

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