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Shore Lines


It's traditional to make resolutions at the start of each new year, but after a year like 2020, I think we all deserve a break. No one keeps resolutions anyway, so why start the year primed for defeat?


It's January 3, and I haven't written anything new yet, except for this blog post. I'm okay with that. I'm an ease-into-warm-water kind of person, not one to dive into a frigid ocean. My usual way to jumpstart my writing in January is the Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway. It's going to be online this year. I'll miss the ride on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, the drive up the Garden State Parkway, checking into the beautiful Seaview Inn, and catching up with writer friends. I'll miss the luxury of writing in a hotel room, the fun of an in-person poetry workshop, and socializing in the evening. But I'm looking forward to unusual writing prompts, the challenge of writing a draft poem on the clock, and the feedback that guides my revision process. And I'll be curious to see how the online experience compares with the face-to-face one.


I'll let you know in a couple of weeks.

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