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Shore Lines

Summertime Blues

Not that kind of blues! Summer is time for blue skies, blue water, blue vervain in the yard. These blues lift my spirits and make me grateful to have family, friends, and good health. Yes--good health! After coping with Covid from Groundhog Day through mid-April, I'm happy to be on Team Pfizer. Two days after receiving the second dose I was finally symptom free and feeling like myself again.


Feeling better has let me get back to writing. I've taken a few fun poetry workshops, entered a few contests, and had some publications. The big news was winning two prizes for Eve's Daughters, which I highlighted on the home page of this website. I'm very grateful to the Delaware Press Association and the National Federation of Press Women for their recognition of my novel. I've had poetry published in The Ekphastic Review and Light, a book review in Poetry Porch, and a poem forthcoming in Passager, which received an honorable mention in their annual contest.


As more people become vaccinated and states open up again, I hope we'll all enjoy a normal summer of good times with the people we love.

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