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Shore Lines

Dog Days

I may be a candidate for the world's worst blogger award, since I haven't posted regularly for much of the summer. Everyone should take some time off, though, right? And there isn't much to write about when I'm indoors, hiding from the heat.


Today I'm jazzed from attending (via Zoom, of course) The 14th Annual Lewes Creative Writers Conference, sponsored by the Lewes, Delaware, Public Library. This is a free, one-day conference with a faculty reading the night before. I'm a published poet/novelist and workshop leader myself, but I love taking writing workshops because I always learn from them. I submitted an almost-finished but not-quite-right poem and received lots of generous, kind, and helpful feedback.


Thank goodness for Zoom! Last year I attended only a handful of events, because like everyone else I was hunkered down at home and freaked out by the pandemic. But this year, quite a few organizations decided to step up the Zoom events, so I've participated in readings, workshops, and conferences, all online. Check out the Events page to see what I mean.


It's still hot and sticky outside, but the birds and plants know that fall is coming. I'm looking forward to getting outdoors more and to writing more. How about you?

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